November marks the 60th anniversary of the murder of Corrective Services NSW Warder Cecil Mills by two prison escapees at Emu Plains.

In partnership with the Daily Telegraph, CSNSW has produced a podcast about the tragedy and the five-week manhunt for killers Kevin Simmonds and Les Newcombe.

To read the news story go to https://lnkd.in/dtZ2buA

This week a new multi-agency collaborative approach to managing offenders in the community. Local Coordinated multiagency Offender Management brings a team of specialists together from government agencies such as Justice, Health and Housing. They work together with an offender to put in a comprehensive plan of action. We met with the LCM team to learn more. 

This week; can the media be a force for good in the lives of offenders? We chat with Corrective Services Media Director, Michael Duffy and Senior Media Liaison Officer Rebecca Simpson, also a driving force behind National Corrections Day.

This week, Community Corrections: whether its release parole or a community based sentence, a significant amount of the work of Corrective Services NSW takes place in our towns and suburbs. It is often viewed as a soft option but is this really the case? We sit down with the Assistant Commissioner for Community Corrections, Rosemary Caruana, to bust some myths about managing offenders in the community and we also find out what happens in a day in the life of a Community Corrections Officer.

In our first podcast series, we're visiting prisons across the state, we look into some of the most significant changes in the history of Corrective Services NSW, and meet the change makers. This week we travel south to Nowra and Cooma where High Intensity Program Units are revolutionising the delivery of therapeutic programs in custody. We join in on a group therapy program and meet the staff on the new frontline of reducing reoffending. And we hear from inmates already benefiting from the change.

In our first episode, we’re taking a look at the new case management units that have been established in prisons across the state. We talk to Renee Van Aaken, project manager for the reform that has created more than 150 new case management roles in prisons across the state.  We ask Governor Linda Ferret if she feels offenders can in fact be rehabilitated. And we talk to Dr Anne Marie Martin about the things you might be surprised to see if you took a tour through one of our prisons.